Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Buddha a Taurus? from 'Dhamma Delights'

If you are a Taurus, like myself, you may have something of the same stunned reaction I did to learn that the Buddha was a Taurus. (My own birthday is 20 May). I am not someone who reads horoscopes, however I do find the descriptions of the characteristics of each sign to be strangely accurate and I think I am not alone. So here is the post that allowed me to discover this interesting fact, courtesy of the enlightening blog 'Dhamma Delights' by Footiam for which you will find a link in my 'Guide Blogs'. (Thank you Footiam).

Tomorrow is 19 May. It is a holiday in Malaysia and I am sure in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Cambodia, Taiwan and in Myammar too. 19 May is Vesak Day. Vesak is supposed to be a Sinhalese term. In Cambodia, Vesak Day is known as Visakh Bochea. It is Visakah Puja, Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Visakha Bucha in Thailand, Phật Đản in Vietnam, Waisak in Indonesia, Saga Dawa in Tibet, Vixakha Bouxa in Laos, Ka-sone-la-pyae in Myanmar and 佛誕 (fó dàn) in Chinese-speaking countries. Vesak Day, I understand, celebrates Buddha's birthday. If you are into Astrology you will perhaps deduce that Buddha is a Taurus since a person under this zodiac sign is born between April 20 to May 20. While Buddhism neither deny nor encourage Astrology, most of us human beings, I suppose, are drawn toward the art and what better time now to look at particularly the positive traits of a Taurus and contemplate the good qualities that should be in an enlightened being...The positive traits of a Taurus include:
disciplined • hard-working • good sense of humour • prudent
great work-ethic • artistic • loving • creative
romantic • sensual • very sexual • affectionate
comforting • strong • steady • steadfast
organized • cautious • harmonious • trustworthy
calm • tenacious • stable • patient • faithful
resourceful • easygoing • careful • dependable
honest • conservative • determined • loyal
protective • practical
Now, which are the qualities that ought to be in a Buddha?


footiam said...

You are welcome, Alex and it's great to know that you are a Taurus; most probably you have many of those great qualities! Your posts here already show some of the great qualities that ought to be in you. Will take some time to read!

Alex Stewart said...

Thank you for the compliments Footiam! I do not compare myself to the Buddha, but I believe I have a lot of those qualities like all Tauruses. It is just nice to think that the Buddha is also a Taurus! (Now, don't you go posting anything about our faults...)

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Discover The Tale of Genji, the 11th Century classic of Japan (click image)
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