Monday, September 21, 2009

What news from the North?

Hello shipmates! Yes, I am still alive and have not forgotten you. How time flies. My vacation in England is almost over and I have not posted a word for you, my hardy shipmates. In my defence, access to the internet here comes courtesy of the Keighley Public Library in Yorkshire - not far from where my dad lives but not in the next room either. Also my mind has been preoccupied with family meetings and excursions and so on.

I flew from Montreal to Amsterdam where I changed planes to fly to Leeds-Bradford airport in England. As we approached the land of the Engles from the North Sea, all that was visible was a low cloud bank. Clear skies everywhere but over England! We descended to just above a sea of cloud as we made our approach to the airport. I was quite apprehensive of disappearing into this sea. The pilot seemed to be of the same opinion and we slowed and accelerated our way through holes in the clouds. It was breathtaking to see the patchwork quilt of the Yorkshire countryside suddenly very close below. Once through the cloud bank there remained some flat ‘islands’ of cloud that gave the impression that one was looking through clear water at the bottom of the ‘sea’ below them. We then dived below ‘sea level’ and landed. I was on my native soil again.


susan said...

I am most jealous. The best times in my whole life were spent in Leeds/Bradford/Shipley- and a wonderful cottage in Keighly, where the locals in the pub thought my accent was lovely!

The Moors were lovely as well......and a day trip to York was gorgeous.

I have been longing to go back for the last 3 years, but due to personal illness,total lack of money, and no passport- Sigh.

it's almost as good as being there as to read your piece. You made me homesick.

Safe flight home=(I hate flying!)

susan said...

Oh you know what I loved about the ruins, like Fountains Abbey or Skipton Castle, for example- is how short our ancestors were. The doorways, the graves- and of course, the windows that served as out-houses!

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